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Resize, Convert and Host Images

Boost ROI by optimizing images and speeding up CDNs with a single setting. We auto-resize images, convert to email-friendly formats, host on a fast global CDN, and update your campaign HTML.

Email Inbox Previews

After optimizing your campaign, preview it as it would appear across the most commonly used email clients and devices.

AI Spam Trigger Detection

Spam trigger keywords in email are specific words or phrases that can trigger spam filters, causing your email to land in the recipient's spam folder instead of their inbox.

Preheader Management

Manage your campaign's preheader with ease and efficiency, ensuring a seamless experience and optimal presentation for your audience.

Font Color Adjuster

Use of bright or unusual colors, such as red, can trigger content filtering by some email service providers or spam filters.

Blacklist Link Checker

Email filters are designed to identify and block suspicious links found in the emails content to protect users from potential harm.

ALT Tag Management

Ensures your emails images convey messages even when images don't load, enhancing accessibility and user engagement.

Title Tag Management

Ensures that your email hyperlinks have descriptive and engaging titles, improving user experience and boosting click-through rates..

SpamAssassin Scoring

Obtain a spam score from the world's leading #1 Open Source anti-spam platform to evaluate and enhance your email deliverability.

CSS Inliner

While it's possible to use the style tag to include CSS in the header of an email, some email clients may strip out or ignore this code, which is why it's generally recommended to inline the CSS directly into the email's HTML code.

Non ASCII Character Replacement

Non-ASCII characters in emails can impact deliverability as some servers and filters may flag them as spam or malicious.

HTML Sanitizer

HTML sanitizing ensures that emails are displayed consistently across all email clients. It removes javascript and HTML tags that are not supported in email.

HTML Compression

HTML compression works by removing unnecessary white space, comments, and other elements from the HTML code of an email. This can help reduce the overall size of the email and make it faster to load.

Font-Size Adjuster

Using extremely small fonts or extremely large fonts can trigger spam filters, as it is a common tactic used by spammers to avoid detection.

Classes and IDs Removal

Removing classes and IDs reduces the size of your emails and improve your chances of not triggering a spam filter.

Punctuation and Caps Analysis

Using excessive punctuation, all caps, and H tags in email can harm your email delivery and reputation by triggering spam filters and being flagged as spam or phishing.

Control & Non-Printable Character Removal

Removing control and non-printable characters from email improves clarity, compatibility, security, and efficiency of the message.

Replace Diacritics Characters

Diacritic characters can potentially cause issues in email delivery, as some email clients and systems may not support or display them correctly.

HTML Comments Removal

Removing HTML Comments reduces the file sizes and chances of triggering spam filters.

Unneeded CSS Removal

Removing redundant CSS that is already computed in the browser can result in a smaller HTML file size and faster delivery.

Poor Delivery CDN Detection

Some Content Delivery Networks are often used by spammers and scammers, leading to some email providers blocking emails that contain links to these CDNs.

Oversized Image Detection

Large images can increase email size, slow email loading time, trigger spam filters, and reduce email deliverability.

Background Image Detection

Background images can harm email delivery as they can be blocked by email clients, resulting in broken emails with longer load times.

Text To Image Analysis

Having too many images without enough text can trigger spam filters and cause the email to be flagged as spam.

Broken Link Checker

Broken links in emails can result in negative user experience, increased spam complaints, and lower engagement rates, ultimately leading to poor email deliverability.

Text To Link Analysis

High ratios of links to text are more likely to trigger spam filters and be marked as spam by recipients.

And Much More.

We have an array of additional settings and tools at your disposal to ensure the success of your campaigns, so our efforts don't end here.

Seamlessly Integrate With Your Preferred Tools

Use Cases

Microsoft Word Campaigns

Microsoft Word

Issues Encountered:

  • Inconsistent rendering: Microsoft Word uses its own rendering engine to display and format text, which may not be compatible with all email clients. This can result in inconsistent rendering of the email, with some recipients seeing the email differently than others.
  • Poor email performance: Emails created in Word may not be optimized for email performance, which can result in slow load times and poor deliverability. Large file sizes, poor formatting, and other factors can all impact email performance.
  • Potential for spam filtering: Emails created in Word may not comply with best practices for email marketing, which can increase the likelihood of the email being filtered into the recipient's spam folder.

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Affiliate Marketing Creatives

Affiliate Marketing

Issues Encountered:

  • CSS Inlining: Helps ensure that the design of affiliate marketing creatives is maintained when viewed in various email clients, as it allows the CSS styles to be embedded directly into the HTML code of the email. This can improve the overall effectiveness of the email campaign and help to increase click-through rates.
  • Malformed HTML code: HTML code that is improperly formatted or structured can cause issues with email rendering and deliverability. This can result in the email being filtered into the spam folder or not being delivered at all.
  • Large Font Size: Can trigger spam filters and also make it harder for recipients to view the content properly on different devices, as it may not fit the screen and require scrolling, zooming or resizing. This can lead to a poor user experience and decrease the effectiveness of the email campaign.
  • Defined Widths: When an email has defined widths for its elements, it can prevent the email from being responsive and adapting to different screen sizes, leading to issues with rendering correctly on mobile devices. This is because mobile devices have smaller screens compared to desktop devices, and the defined widths may cause the email to appear too small or too large on mobile screens.

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Campaign Cleaner company is a lifesaver for anyone who struggles with HTML coding for email campaigns. Their service corrected all the issues in my email campaign code, resulting in a much more polished and professional-looking email.

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If you're looking for a reliable and affordable way to correct HTML issues in your email campaigns, I highly recommend Campaign Cleaner company. Their service is easy to use, and their team is knowledgeable and responsive to any questions or concerns.

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Campaign Cleaner has been a lifesaver for our email marketing campaigns. Their expertise in correcting HTML code for emails has improved our email deliverability rates and helped us avoid many common issues that resulted in emails being filtered to spam folders.

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If you're struggling with HTML issues in your email campaigns, this company is a must-try. Their team of experts have a deep understanding of email best practices and can quickly and efficiently correct any HTML issues that may be impacting your email deliverability.

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