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The Basics

$0 /mo

  • The Clean Campaign Button
  • Dark Mode Simulator
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Text Editor
  • CSS In-liner
  • HTML Sanitizer
  • HTML Out of Order and Unclosed Tag Correction
  • HTML Minifier
  • Treat As Fragment
  • Campaign Analysis
    • Punctuation, Caps, & H Tags
  • Advanced Settings
    • Set Default Campaign Width
  • User Management
  • ALT Tag Management
  • Title Tag Management
  • Pop Out Previews
  • Limited API Access

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The Works

$99 /mo

Everything in The Basics +
  • Email/Inbox Previews
  • Font Size & Color Adjuster
  • Non-ASCII & Diacritics Character Replacement
  • Control & Non-Printable Character Removal
  • Classes and IDs Removal
  • HTML Comment Removal
  • Defaulted CSS Removal
  • Campaign Analysis
    • Spam Trigger Detections
    • Blacklist Check of All Links & Redirects
    • Text To Image & Link Analysis
    • Poor Delivery CDN Detection
    • Over-sized & Background Image Detection
    • Broken Link Checker
  • All Advanced Settings
  • Import Campaign
  • Full API Access (100 Monthly Credits)
  • Free Trial Available (Contact Us)

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Everything in The Works +
  • Monthly API Credits (Negotiated)
  • Custom Integration
  • Case Studies
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Priority Support
  • Early Access To New Features

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What is the Clean Campaign button?

Introducing your effortless solution for optimizing email campaigns. With just a click, this user-friendly button seamlessly incorporates top-tier email best practices and streamlines your campaign by eliminating incompatible styles and elements across various email clients. Immerse yourself in a platform that takes on the bulk of the work, sparing you the need to possess HTML expertise. Elevate your email performance and ensure optimal delivery and cross-client compatibility, all through the power of automated campaign refinement.

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