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Use Cases

Microsoft Word Campaigns

Issues Encountered:

  • Inconsistent rendering: Microsoft Word uses its own rendering engine to display and format text, which may not be compatible with all email clients. This can result in inconsistent rendering of the email, with some recipients seeing the email differently than others.
  • Poor email performance: Emails created in Word may not be optimized for email performance, which can result in slow load times and poor deliverability. Large file sizes, poor formatting, and other factors can all impact email performance.
  • Potential for spam filtering: Emails created in Word may not comply with best practices for email marketing, which can increase the likelihood of the email being filtered into the recipient's spam folder.

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Affiliate Marketing Creatives

Issues Encountered:

  • CSS Inlining: Helps ensure that the design of affiliate marketing creatives is maintained when viewed in various email clients, as it allows the CSS styles to be embedded directly into the HTML code of the email. This can improve the overall effectiveness of the email campaign and help to increase click-through rates.
  • Successive Punctuation: Excessive punctuation are common techniques used to draw attention and often used by spammers. This can result in the email being filtered into the spam folder or not being delivered at all.
  • Large Font Size: Can trigger spam filters and also make it harder for recipients to view the content properly on different devices, as it may not fit the screen and require scrolling, zooming or resizing. This can lead to a poor user experience and decrease the effectiveness of the email campaign.
  • SpamAssassin Triggers: SpamAssassin is a widely-used open-source software utility that evaluates and filters email to identify spam, also known as junk or unsolicited bulk email.
  • And much more: Watch how over 70 issues were found and corrected in a few minutes without manually editing a line of HTML.

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