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Use Case

Microsoft Word is undoubtedly one of the most widely used office productivity tools available. It offers a vast range of templates to assist with any task you undertake, including the creation of newsletters. Even though it is not optimized for email newsletters which is the purpose of this use case, many email marketing agencies still use MS Word. Let's begin, we have chosen one of many available templates, as it happens to be blue and matches our site.
To use this MS Word document as an email newsletter, you must export it as an HTML file. However, the resulting file can be quite large, with over 2,000 lines of HTML code and a file size of 91,203 characters. Additionally, all the image links are relative, which will cause issues when sending the newsletter via email. To address these issues, you can use Campaign Cleaner, a tool that can help optimize your newsletter for email delivery. You can view the exported files from MS Word below.

  1. Original Text File
  2. Original HTML Version
Firstly, you need to convert all relative links to fully qualified URLs to avoid broken links in the email. This can be easily done using the "Convert Relative Link" option or by using the search and replace functionality in Campaign Cleaner.

Secondly, you may notice that the MS Word-generated newsletter does not scale properly on large screens and looks best confined to an 800 pixel width format. To fix this, you can use the "Advanced Settings" option in Campaign Cleaner to set the max-width of all campaigns to your desired size. This will wrap your email content in a DIV with the max-width property set to keep it in check.

Once you've optimized your newsletter using Campaign Cleaner, you can turn on all the different options to make it more email-friendly. For example, we set the max-width to 800px under "Advanced Settings" and constrain all the font-sizes between 10 and 32 pixels. When you click the "Apply Settings" button, Campaign Cleaner will do its magic and reduce the file size significantly, to just 9115 characters from a whopping 91,203 characters, and it will be a single line of HTML code. This can save you money on bandwidth costs and help ensure your emails reach your customers in a timely manner. You can view the optimized version of this newsletter in both text and HTML format below to see the difference.
  1. Cleaned Text File
  2. Cleaned HTML Version
Keep in mind the Campaign Cleaner does a lot more then just correcting the HTML for email use automatically as shown in this use case, we run a complete campaign analysis showing you a wealth of information on how to improved and correct many other issues that are detected.

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